Kenwood Anderson is a filmmaker, musician, and producer. He grew up in Rochester, NY, surrounded by music and art. "My obsession with music was instant, and permanent," he says. He graduated from School Of The Arts, and from Berklee College Of Music. He moved to Los Angeles in 1993 and took every gig he could find. He has logged countless hours playing drums and singing background vocals for recordings and live performances. He was a member of the bands RioSoul, Kontroversy, and the Reall Deall Band.
Kenwood has recorded and  produced his own music, and has collaborated with other artists. His debut album "Handful Of Grooves", earned a 5-star review in Recording Magazine. His albums can be found wherever you listen to music.
Kenwood is making movies! His first feature film is currently in development.
Nate Morton & Kenwood Anderson - "Funky Jazz Stuff" (producer, engineer, songwriter, keyboards)
Nate Morton is the drummer on NBC's "The Voice"!
Kenwood Anderson - "Christmas Dreaming" (producer, engineer, songwriter, keyboards, drums)

Kenwood Anderson - "Handful Of Grooves" (producer, engineer, songwriter, keyboards, drums)

Nancy Nightmare & The Wizard - "The Nightmare Realm" (producer, engineer, drums, keyboards)

Groove Nation - "Vol. 1" (producer, engineer, keyboards, drums, songwriter)

Jordan Allen White - "Mistakes, Regrets and Coffee" (producer, drums)

Jordan Allen White - "To The Point" (drums)

"Pee Wee's Big Holiday" - movie soundtrack (drums)

"Vacation" - movie soundtrack (drums)

"Happiness Is A Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown" - TV movie (drums)

Sean Kristopher - "Country World Of Mine" (drums)

RioSoul - "The Cure" (drums, songwriter)

RioSoul - "Rhythms Of The Soul" (drums, keyboards, songwriter)

Jimmie Highsmith, Jr. - "Saxology 101" (drums)

David A. Anderson/Sankofa: “The Origin Of Life On Earth”, a folktale audio book (producer, composer, all instruments)

"Manna From Heaven" - movie soundtrack (drums)

"Son Of The Mask" - movie soundtrack (drums)